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Menampilkan postingan dari Desember, 2010

xmas wish

dear MR. Santa...
hello there, my name is icha
i am twenty-one. and i am naive.
i am in love with the same guy since 480 days ago.
he is a rockstar. he rocks my heart with stars!
and no matter what people say about me and him being together, how bad it is, how hard it is.. deep down inside.. i still in love with him. we separated a couple weeks ago.
it breaks my heart so bad.
and i wish ..
mr. santa, for this christmas..  please make this things easier for us.. 
please Mr. Santa, please?? cos i want him so bad as my xmas present..
uhmm.. i guess that's my only wish.
thank you..


ps: please send me a reply! i'll wait..!